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In 2018, after working together in the fashion and surfing industry in the Netherlands we made the decision to make our common dream come true: to settle in a region where we can surf all year round. After deciding to make room for this aspiration, saving up, leaving our jobs and our home, we began our journey to Indonesia. While Margaux undergoes intense training to become a yoga teacher, Guy surfs daily while actively sending out applications.

After this trip to the heart of Bali and its islands, fueled by the deep desire to awaken joy and vitality, we realize that our passions are based on 3 pillars:

  • photography, particularly highlighting the sensitivity of women
  • putting the body into motion in a meditative way, a source of deep connection with one's authentic “self” through surfing, yoga and dance
  • attention to detail (both in the designs and in the services offered)

It was on Ceningan beach that the idea of ​​bringing together our know-how and our passions around a yoga clothing brand was born. MSY's journey begins with the intention of creating versatile, durable, comfortable and feminine pieces designed to accompany active women throughout their day, empowering them to embrace their full power.

Today, we live on the Basque coast, after years of personal and professional reflections to bring this project to fruition, we are delighted to see the birth of our own label, MSY.

“We believe in the power of community and the positive impact we can have together, inspiring everyone to embrace their own power and embody their full potential.”


Designed, sourced & manufactured in Europe

Our production workshops in Lithuania have been meticulously selected and guarantee a healthy space and good working conditions for employees.

We are very grateful to collaborate with people involved in the project and with whom our relationships are authentic and respectful.

We believe in Slow fashion , consuming less and better quality.

That's why our designs are timeless and made with sustainable materials. Fundamental value in our eyes: transparency, has guided our choices. We choose to select:

  • French fabrics, durable, technical and non-toxic.

  • Genuine Italian fabrics produced from recycled yarns, from post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

  • Non-toxic pads made in Germany.

  • A high quality Italian flocking made from crushed crystals.

  • Plastic-free packaging entirely sourced and made in France.

  • We are affiliated with Refashion for recycling.

  • We support causes to help women and the planet. We are committed to donating 1% of sales to our proudly selected associations, KEEP A BREAST (breast cancer prevention) & THE CORAL PLANTER (planting corals in the seabed).

“The most durable product is often the one that the customer does not need to replace”

The responsible company

nos choix

  • Des tissus français, durables, techniques et non toxiques.

  • Des tissus italiens véritablement produits à partir de fils recyclés, à partir de déchets post-industriels et post-consommateurs.

  • Des coussinets non toxiques fabriqués en Allemagne.

  • Un flocage italien de haute qualité fabriqué à partir de cristaux écrasés.

  • Un emballage sans plastique entièrement sourcé et fabriqué en France.

  • Nous sommes affiliés à Refashion pour le recyclage.

  • Nous soutenons des causes pour venir en aide aux femmes et à la planète. Nous nous engageons à reverser 1% des ventes à nos associations fièrement sélectionnées, KEEP A BREAST (prévention contre le cancer du sein) & THE CORAL PLANTER (plantation de coraux dans les fonds marins).

En constante évolution, nous faisons de notre mieux à notre échelle pour poser davantage de conscience sur nos choix. Nous espérons que notre cheminement vous inspirera à vivre votre vérité et à écouter les désirs de votre cœur.



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